The Law for Authors with Helen Sedwick

Today’s post attacks some of the legal issues that authors should be aware of. I often find that legal advice that is given to authors tends to be slanted towards Americans. This podcast covers a number of subjects, but doesn’t focus on subjects that are specific to Americans – it is more of a general nature – and totally entertaining! Well worth a listen!
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In episode 84 of the WRITER 2.0 Podcast I spoke with author and lawyer Helen Sedwick about all the legal issues authors and aspiring writers need to think about.

We discussed:

  • what type of business entity an author needs;
  • why she recommends avoiding assisted self-publishing packages;
  • defamation, and whether it’s okay to write bad stuff about people we know;
  • how to avoid using copyrighted photos on your blog;
  • whether it’s okay to use song lyrics in your book;
  • whether it’s okay to edit blurbs when marketing our books;
  • when it’s okay to use brand names in a negative way.


To listen to the podcast, click HERE



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