Now You Can See Your Goodreads Friends’ Updates – Right in Kindle for iOS (U.S. Members)


Ed Note: Since I’m Canadian, I can’t see this feature. For those of you in the US – can you? And what do you think of it?

“Ah, how good it is to be among people who are reading.”
Rainer Maria Rilke, “The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge”
Are you a Kindle reader? We have more good news for you! Today, we’re introducing Goodreads Updates inside Kindle for iOS. Seeing and discussing what your friends are reading is now just one tap away in the same app where you read your books.Books, Books, and More Books!With Goodreads Updates in Kindle for iOS, you can see your friends’ latest updates about books they are reading and want to read, reviews and ratings of books they’ve read, quotes that were significant to them in the books they’re reading, and more.Want additional ideas on books to read? (And why wouldn’t you?!) Right underneath each update, you’ll also see the other books your friend has added to that same shelf. For example, if your friend just marked a new book as “Want to Read,” you’ll see and can quickly swipe through the other books she wants to read. It’s all designed for serendipity – helping you find more delightful moments when you discover a book you might have missed, or are reminded of a book you’ve been meaning to read.

Spark a Discussion with Likes and CommentsNotice a friend has started reading one of your favorite books? Like it and let her know. Use the comments to ask questions, share a different perspective, or have a “you too?” moment with your friends.

Instantly Start ReadingWe often hear from Goodreads members that learning about new books from friends is one of the top ways they discover new books to read. Has a book your friend is reading caught your interest? With one tap you can download a free sample…and then just start reading. ☺Tip: When using Kindle for iOS, remember that you can’t buy books directly inside the app. Here’s a handy reminder on how to buy Kindle books on your iPhone or iPad:1) Open the Kindle Store in Safari ( Better yet – save it as a bookmark on your home screen.2) Search for your book3) Tap “Buy now with 1-click”I want to use it now! How do I get it?1) Download the latest version of the free Kindle for iOS app.2) If you haven’t already, link your Goodreads account to the app by going to Settings in the app. Alternatively, click here to go to, and scroll to the Amazon section to connect your accounts. 3) Open up the app and click on “goodreads” in the top navigation bar to see your Goodreads Updates.Didn’t you just add some other new Goodreads + Kindle features last month?Yes! This is the latest in a series of new features making reading with Kindle even better for Goodreads members. Check out Auto-Updates on Kindle for iOS and Kindle Notes & Highlights on Goodreads—stay tuned for more to come.How does this work with the Goodreads app?Both apps work in harmony with each other. Just as we’ve done with Kindle E-readers and Fire tablets, we’re bringing the Goodreads features most closely associated with reading right into the Kindle for iOS experience. When you want to use more of the rich set of features Goodreads has to offer, just open up the Goodreads iOS app. Remember that to access Goodreads features on Kindle for iOS, Kindle E-readers, and Fire tablets, you need to link your Goodreads account to Amazon. To do this on, click here and scroll to the Amazon section.How do I control what my friends see from me in their Goodreads Updates?As always, you have full control over what you share on Goodreads. Books, quotes, reviews and other items only appear if you decide to share them. And any time you want to double check what you have shared, you can go to your Goodreads profile on the Goodreads apps or on You can find more information here.When will Goodreads Updates be available for Kindle for iOS users outside the U.S.?We will announce additional marketplaces as we roll them out. Currently, Goodreads Updates is available for U.S. customers who have an account and have linked their Goodreads and Amazon accounts. (You can link them here.)When will Goodreads be integrated into Kindle for Android?

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