About Self-Publishing Info


My name is Barb Drozdowich and I’m the published author of 8 books (so far…). My road to self-publishing was a steep learning curve! I come from a background of teaching science at the college/university level and running the technical training department of a bank. Regardless of my background, I still found it challenging to navigate the waters of self-publishing…especially as a Canadian.

One of my first major errors was to purchase 10 ISBNs from Bowker. I purchased 10 as I was planning on writing several books and Bowker offered a deal if 10 were purchased. The thing is…Canadians get ISBNs for free. Didn’t I feel like a fool when I realized that I spent about $250.00 that I didn’t need to.

What I found when doing research to educate myself is:

  1. There isn’t a lot of Canadian specific information available
  2. There is a lot of mis-information available – articles about “what works for me” not “what follows the rules.”

After a discussion at a local conference with fellow Canadian authors and aspiring authors, the idea of this site was born.

The information – the blog posts, the websites and the books –  that you will find referenced here are not only accurate, in many cases directed at Canadian writers, and are appropriate for a wide variety of knowledge levels. Some of the articles will be focused at the beginner and some will be focused at the more seasoned author.

What you won’t find here is a bunch of half-truths making you believe that writing and publishing a book is easy. It isn’t – it’s hard work.

Writing a book to educate and/or entertain someone is one of the best jobs in the world!

Don’t hesitate to ask questions using the contact form. Send suggestions of topics you want covered. Always looking for ideas!


Happy writing