Helpful Sites

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Joanna Penn is one of the clearest people I know on the subject of Self-Publishing and making a living as an author. She is pragmatic, honest and informative. I have some of her books listed on this site – she has more – and she had a wonderful podcast that you can subscribe to and listen for pearls of wisdom. She can be found here.


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Nick Stephenson’s thoughts focus on getting your first 10,000 readers. He offers several books, several free videos as well as a paid course focused on growing your mailing list – very important in today book marketing enviroment. For more information, click here.


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Joel Friedlander is a wonderful resource for self publishing, book design, and a whole host of more things to do with helping authors. He has an active newsletter that frequently is filled with invitations to informative webinars. This is a website that is referenced here and well worth subscribing to and soaking up Joel’s wisdom and experience!